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Formally trained as a cabinetmaker specialized in marquetry I’ve developed a soft spot for antique furniture and a passion for details.


I first started my career in France in 1999 and then moved to Switzerland before heading to Asia. 


In 2005, I moved to China where I met my wife Lina and developed a deep interest for Chinese artisans and Asian culture.


I supplied the most prestigious luxury brands across Asia, Switzerland and France and with my team we became expert in making creative packaging, boxes, marquetry, humidors, cabinets, windows decorations, display furniture and shop.


I have worked with Hermes, Cartier, Chaumet, Philippe Starck, Eugene Brunelle, Shang Xia and so many others.


For 20 Years, I have created an amazing regional and worldwide network of creative talents and entrepreneurs; delivered hundred projects mainly focus on luxury market within more than 50 countries.


After 11 years in China, managing and leading large factories, developing design studios and sourcing offices I decided to move back to Burgundy to set up “Les Ateliers de Langalerie” and share my amazing experience and know how.

Benoit de Langalerie

ABOUT Benoit de Langalerie


Our teams of technicians provide support and training to our partners from quality assurance pre-production until post-prod quality control.



Beyond the respect of our clients’ criteria, we work in line with the latest social standards, and we strive to become a role-model in the luxury industry.



Our passion for the environment drives us to require our partners to implement a continuous improvement approach in order to be in line with the latest environmental standards.



Constantly calling for tenders with our partners, we can guarantee the best prices for you in line with the required level of certification.



We train our suppliers and our factories to the LEAN manufacturing and can ensure the best production lead-times from the products development to their final delivery.

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